Saturday, October 27, 2007


The houseparty has officially begun. I just finished posting the kick-off scenes, etc. YAY. I also know what Ben and Darcy look like now.

Darcy Maguire, age 16, 5’6”, shoulder-length brown hair, dark blue eyes with thick lashes, slender—bordering on too thin. She’s somewhat standoffish, but loves to laugh. She’s warming up to people in general, but needs you to take it slow at first.

Ben Holburn, age 17, 5’10”, reddish-brown hair cut short, blue eyes, but not nearly as dark as Darcy’s – athletic build, light freckles. Whereas Darcy is a bit shy, Ben loves to meet and talk to people. He’s a little protective of her, so don’t be surprised if he hovers around, jumping into any conversations to help put her at ease.

I'm beginning to get a feel for them...can't wait to work on this book.

Next on the to-do-list is wine!! Need to go raid my favorite wine shop. Then to the grocery store for cheese and grapes, etc. I need to make the desserts tonight and set up the table. Trust me, it takes forever. Then I want to continue with my beta-read. I only got 60 pages in yesterday, so I'm hoping to get a little further tonight.

Of course, I'll be keeping a close eye on the houseparty, too. I hope people join in tonight. :)

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