Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back In Action And Sporting One Helluva Collar

Chloe's doing great. They were able to remove the entire tumor and other than her need to chew her stitches (hence the cone), there shouldn't be any major problems. YAY. Here's a little documentation of the event (Chloe's inner dialogue included). (g)

Awww, MOM!!! Not the camera!!

*BIG SIGH* If I have to...get it over with already.

Angry teenager here. Look at those death rays.

And finally -- to prove she actually isn't always this miserable. Here's a shot taken on Sunday during the Tails n' Trails pet walk to help support the Capital Humane Society. :) This is AFTER the walk, and after she decided to hog the kiddie pool.


Precie said...

YAY! Thanks for the follow-up. As a doggie-mom on hiatus, I was waiting with bated breath. :)

Jen said...

Thanks, Precie. (g) I popped on my computer when I came to class just now -- to show a classmate the pics. I got heckled by one of the guys -- YOU BLOG ABOUT YOUR DOG?!? Ummm, yeah... what of it? (g)

Deniz Bevan said...

Yay Chloe!!! Here are some virtual treats to help in recovery () () ()

Jen said...


LOL -- thanks! She needs 'em. She was able to get to her stitches with the cone they gave her, so we had to bump her up to the next size. The thing is gynormous!! She can barely walk without bumping into things...certainly not in my room (aka the pit of despair). (g)


Helene B said...

Poor pup!

Glad she's home and okay.

Jen said...

Thanks, Helene!! :) She's doing really well now, though her little incision still gives me the heebie jeebies...ick.