Monday, October 1, 2007

Did You Get It?

A friend of mine said "JackAlopes" (I misspelled it last night) aren't all that well known. Did you get what I was talking about in that last line of the day? I'll probably stick with it -- even if none of you did -- just cuz I think it's a great line. (g) Plus, I think it's fun to introduce people to the frightening world where the possibility of such a creature exists. (g)

For more information on this wild beast, please see this:

The Jackalope Conspiracy


Jenny said...

I did notice the typo, but I also knew to what you were referring. Real jackalopes...scary thought. *g*

Jen said...


LOL -- well that makes three who knew I wasn't just making things up. (g) I'll admit, I couldn't remember what they were called when I originally wrote this scene -- had to skip it and hope it came to me. I had a couple of friends who were Jackalope worshipers in college. (g) At any rate, I happened to be looking through a book with some friends at B&N -- Something called The Onion, a satirical collection of newspaper headlines -- and in one of the headlines they mentioned JackOlopes. AHA!!! That's it. (g) I went with it. :) I found both on the both are probably valid spellings.

Just glad I found the name. Did you check out that site? I was rolling on the floor at that top pic on the homepage.


Rachel said...

Hey Jen,

Yep, got the Jackalope reference DownUnder, too; courtesy of a Pixar animation! At the end of one of my kids' videos - Toy Story 2, maybe - there is a short cartoon all about the legend of the Jacklope. My kids love it. So don't worry - your reference will easily cross international cultural boundaries. (g)

Jen said...


How funny! Maybe they're a lot more well known than I thought. LOL. Good to know that most kids are probably exposed then. Toy Story 2, eh? Goodness, every kid probably knows what they are now. LOL.


Jen (whose first introduction came from her friends when they flashed a VERY scary picture of one at her -- bloodied teeth and gleaming red eyes... *shudder*)

Precie said...

LOL! Knew jackalopes because of the long-defunct comic strip Bloom County. I'm pretty sure a "jackabasselope" had a cameo appearance.

Jen said...


LOL -- I feel much better now. (g)


Maggie said...

Fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me....

Jen said...


Had to google that one. (g) Aha...more main stream evidence. Cool.