Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Let Me Off The Reading Train

This isn't normally something I'd complain about, but dang it... I need to stop getting sucked into good books. Lately I've been reading more than anything else -- that includes writing and working on school related stuff. But I can't seem to help myself. I must've stumbled upon a really great bunch of books -- because man, of the last 6 I've read, I've absolutely loved 4. Now I'm getting completely sucked into LADY OF THE FOREST by Jennifer Roberson. At this rate, I'll never get my nose out from between two covers.

Do you ever get into these cycles? Where you finish one and literally go and pick up another to begin? I get so involved in these worlds that leaving them starts to become majorly irritating -- wanna skip class and put everything else aside. Don't worry -- hasn't reached that point. Yet. (g) Nah, I'm always able to put it aside when I really need to, but that's not to say it's easy. LOL.

I've vowed to get through 2K tonight before I allow myself to pick up a book. Lately I say I'll "warm up" my brain with a little reading before I start work... then I realize...oh, you only have another hundred pages to read. Go ahead and finish! Then it's late and it's easier to pick up another book than make my brain work at writing my own. LOL. LAZY. I'm being lazy. But tonight it ends! I'm out of class in 35 minutes and then it's time to concentrate on BTPM.

But then... I wonder what's gonna happen next in LOTF.... aaaaagh.


NBB said...

Ooooh yes, I'm on that very same train! :)

Come, let's get up and find the emergency brake ;)

Jen said...


Amen! What did I do yesterday? Yep, went home and read LOTF...vowed it would only be a few pages while I waited for dinner to be ready. Yeah, turned into a little marathon. Granted, I didn't get far -- her writing is sort of...hmm, dense, I guess the word would be. The imagery and such is wonderful so I tend to read extra-slow, which I'm slow as all get out to begin with. So, I'm only on like page 150. lol. But I'm LOVING it.


Deniz Bevan said...

I like being on this train :-) Back in August I was in a kind of non-reading slump, which means I was reading about a book at a time instead of 10 :-), but it's a strange feeling - I like being in the middle of all these books, especially when they're so good!

Jen said...


Oh, I love it, too. (g) Which is the problem--especially when I'm reading a fat book that will take a while. If I can't walk away and put it down when I need to do work, NOTHING gets done...which is pretty much my situation right now. lol. I'm a _very_ slow reader... takes me many hours to finish a fatty... and well, when I can't put a book down...yeah. (g)