Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tentative Decision

Okay, I'm going to start out by dipping my big toe into the water, but nevertheless, it's going to be tough.

I've made a BIG decision tonight. Taking a cue from Claire, I'm going to be cutting myself off from the internet--google reader, the forum, etc. for a while. She was talking about how she planned to do it, and I really started getting all glassy-eyed and envious. I said to myself, man, that sounds lovely.

So, I'm starting small. Once the houseparty is over, and I've posted my chapter for the group novel, I'm gonna flip off the little wireless button on my computer. I'll see how it goes until mid-month. (I don't want to let anyone down in goals on the forum, so I'll be back to do those.)

As of late, I've been so involved with internet related things -- the forum with it's houseparties and group novels...the wonderfully interesting threads about this and that. Don't even get me started on google reader -- I spend too much time following blog posts. I think I'm up to something like 40 blogs now. Very time consuming, even when only a third post regularly.

To be honest, I don't know how I'm going to manage this, but I need to. Not only do I need to get crackin' on the final push on both of my MS's, but law finals are coming. Before I know it, they'll be here and I'll be freaking out again. Yes, this is a good idea in theory...practice is another thing. (g)

But there it is. (g) And finally, and this one is hard to do -- I'm gonna have to decline any further betareads until after finals are over. That's approx. Dec 15th. I hate to do this, but time is tight right now. I need to concentrate on my books first, and time is limited the way it is.

Yeah...*taking deep breaths* I'm still trying to decide whether or not to maintain my own blog during this period. Cold occasional hit...cold turkey...hmmm. Tough call. I'll think on it -- see how I feel about all of this tomorrow. (g)


Precie said...

Dude. You. Then Claire. Now Jenny C. I can feel the silence descending already! Phooey.

Have a wonderfully productive break! See you after Finals!

Cindy said...

Hi Jen:
I, too, have abandoned the Forum. I read 5-10 blogs, and thassit. You do need to take back your life sometimes, especially when you're committed to various aspects of "real" life - whether it be your children or law school - in addition to writing. It's working very well for me.

OTOH, I'd be sad if you stopped blogging. I don't often comment, but I do drop by often. (S) You have a particular brand of energy that sustains me when I myself have none. LOL.

Jen said...


Thanks. :) I'm officially starting on Monday. I've tried babysteps today, and I'm failing miserably. (g) I now have five internet windows open...and man, refresh refresh refresh. LOL. But come Monday that little blue button is being turned off! :)


Jen said...


Aww, thanks. :) It gives me warm fuzzies to hear anyone cares about my babble. (g) I doubt I'll stop blogging... I need the outlet to vent about my crazy life. lol. But I'll try to refrain until after writing/homework is finished. (crosses fingers)

And it sounds like you're kicking butt on your writing!! Congrats!