Thursday, September 6, 2007

Alive and Well

Sorry for my mini-meltdown yesterday. With all of the computer issues heaped on everything else, I was a complete grump. Today has been ROUGH, but I'm alive and headed to bed early.

My computer is doing okay, now. (I knew you'd ask. (g)) Everything seems to be working fine and apparently it's suffering no ill effects from the trials I put it through. Thank God. My DVD burner wasn't working earlier, but is now for no apparent reason... *shakes her head* Computers! Glad I got it cleared up, tho -- since it's what caused this whole fiasco to begin with.

Crazy, but I'm hoping to start writing in a few hours. I just need a bit of a catnap to get me through tomorrow. Okay, maybe that's a little longer, but whatever. (g) I really want to participate in the marathon, tho... and right now I have zip.

Oh, and I need to send a BIG OLE' shoutout to my girl, Jenna! Way to write!! (g) I couldn't be happier. :)

I'm out.

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