Thursday, September 6, 2007


I finally got to the point where I'm trying to activate Windows -- you know, fun fun. So, guess what? Somehow we've deleted whatever drivers I need to make my internet work (yup, need that to activate)... and my mouse and keyboard (YUP -- could've used them to activate the dang thing by getting a code over the phone--which I did--but I can't type it in!!!) *SHOOT ME NOW*

So, I can plug in my uncle's mouse and click things... but I still can't type in the friggin' numbers that will bring me into windows so I can install the drivers I need. Okay, okay... I'm HOPING that I can take this to school tomorrow and they'll have a keyboard I can plug into my computer so I can type at least. But seriously, can you believe this??? Don't see much marathoning in my future tomorrow--unless I get a miracle fix early tomorrow. I'm about to bite the bullet and take it to a private computer fix-it store. BB is out -- hell, they'll take four weeks to return it and probably tell me nothing was wrong with it, at that.

So, if anyone knows anything about this...please share. LOL. I kinda hoped I could pop my disk back in and it would automatically come up. NOPE. And I have no idea if there's some secret way of getting in -- you know, holding down the shift, caps lock, ctrl, and alt button while playing chopsticks on the number keys... But what's the point -- the keyboard won't work!!!! Aaargh. Hell, I'm of half-mind to run out to Wal-Mart and buy a keyboard. LOL. And no, my uncle's won't work -- wrong prongy thingy.

Okay -- I'm out to beat my head on the wall.

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