Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can She Do It?

I think I have somewhere between 30-40K to go through on BTPM--If I'm going to make my Monday deadline of finishing these revisions. Hmm, can I do it? LOL. The great thing is that I have a completely open weekend -- no housecleaning, no poop patrol (don't ask). Heck, I don't even think there's a televised football game I'm interested in watching. And my last class on Friday is canceled, meaning I can get a jump start on everything. With one class on Monday.... I MIGHT be able to do this. (g)

Oh wait, I do have a couple of friends coming to town on Sunday for lunch and a movie. At least, that's the plan, but who knows. At any rate -- even I can't sit in front of my computer all day long. LOL. Now if I can just stave off any family obligations (i.e. last minute dinner parties), I may be able to wing my way through this mess. Well, it's not a mess, thank GOD -- otherwise there would be no chance in H@LL I'd be able to do it... So, I'm hopeful.

We'll see how it goes.. Wish me luck! If I'm dragging my butt online at all hours of the night or not'll know why. (What am I saying?? That's my usual MO the way it is.) (g)

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