Friday, September 14, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now...

Man, I was _exhausted_ last night. I'm talking, standing on my feet and falling asleep exhausted. I said to heck with all goals, determined to get to bed early. I didn't care if I had a crapload of homework to do...didn't care about working on any of my books. This girl needed sleep.

So, I get home around 7 and head toward bed. LOL. Oh contraire, mon frere -- my aunt and uncle just had this mega TV/stereo system installed. HUGE flat screen TV, glass shattering speakers...a remote that can make the world stop revolving. Yeah. Therefore, first order of business was to get a lesson on how to work the dang thing--while the technician who's been blasting away at our living room for the past three days was still there. You'd think this would be fairly simple. 45 minutes later, I'm yawning, dying...wishing I could go to bed. Then my aunt and uncle had to hear a movie played through the system... off I go to pluck one from my collection. Much 'ooohhhing" and "aaaaahhhhing" as we listen to about 30 minutes of the movie. Not to mention yawning.

So, then I go to bed around 9, but feel guilty. So I do some homework and fall alsleep around 11 or so. You'd think my body would be grateful. Uh, NO. About 115 or so, I wake up -- WIDE awake. Well, hell. Homework! Homework is the answer! Nothing puts me to sleep faster. Except last night. LOL. 3am and I'm still going strong, but I'm bored to no end. Okay, time to work on BTPM.

So, I went through 2 chapters last night. I haven't finished with the chapters, but let me tell you why. LOL. I'm going through and I'm, this is good stuff. NO big problems here. Uh, but crap...wait... Wouldn't Mac mention THIS from the changes I made...wouldn't Ty be concerned about THIS from earlier in the book (more changes I made). So, basically I read through and noted the things they haven't mentioned...and tonight I will tackle these changes. Hopefully, it won't be too much.

As per the title of this post, something became abundantly clear. Dude, I have these two flirting with each other nonstop -- making light of some very serious situations. It just _does not_ work. So, I've been deleting like a little mad woman -- just trying to curb some of the humor and give things a little more impact. (Thanks, Rhonddalyn!) It's reading much better once I take out Mac's constant internals. Must remember she's not Madison. LOL. And I must remember that she's scared to death at this point--for Ty and for herself. It's basically the same structure, but by taking out a wry thought here and there, it's SO much better. So...good, good. All good.

Until I collapse today from getting 3 hours of sleep. (g)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
Yeah! Glad something I said made sense. Keep working, I just know it will all come together.


Jen said...

Thanks, Rhonddalyn! (g)