Thursday, September 27, 2007


I dropped Chloe off at the vet for the twin removal. What an affair! My uncle started harassing me around 8, saying if I wasn't ready to go in five minutes he was going to take her himself. Uh, YEAH... my words?? BACK OFF!

LOL -- ain't no one taking my baby to the vet without me. So, instead of my getting to take her alone, he insisted on driving and bringing Bailey with. Now, I love Bailey and all, but she's afraid of the vet and always ends up pittling on the floor. I'm sure they cringe when they see us coming. Anyway, it turned into this big ordeal that it SO did not need to be. Plus I didn't get my last cuddle moment with her. HRM.

So, now the wait begins. How do parents do this??


Precie said...

Hang in there! Best of luck to Chloe! I hope all goes well.

Jen said...

Thanks, Precie! :) Hopefully she'll be ready to come home in an hour or so. Unfortunately I won't be able to pick her up...but such is life. (s)