Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Miss My Sexy Beast!

Over at the writer's forum, my friend Claire is running a "sex scene" exercise for the month of September. Being as I'm not exactly proficient when it comes to such intimate scenes (truth is, they're embarrassing as all get out! Imagine your mother reading your scene! No matter what you say, she's always going to think YOU have partaken in every act you describe. LOL. Whether or not that's true, I don't want MY mother reading that stuff!), I decided to participate.

Anyway, FI was out, and BTPM was a no-go because the characters involved have to be of consenting age. *sigh* So, I gave in and pulled out COTM. The dust was inch thick, I tell ya. The scene I chose?? YOWSA. Talk about bad. LOL. And I remember thinking how well-written it was at the time. Good grief--thank God I've come a long way--I hope.

The problem is, the short time I spent fussing with this scene has made me miss Aidan (aka sexy beast) and Morgan a great deal. *sigh* This was my first attempt at a novel, and of course it's always going to have a special place in my heart. That said... would it be wise to finish it when it will forever be seen as an attempt to mimic Gabaldon? I just don't know. Deep down I believe it has something different to offer, lots of original conflict and obstacles to a HEA, IF they ever reach that point.

Gah. I just don't know. Plus, it will take a lot of research before I can continue. Who has time for that? LOL. Certainly not me at this point -- and certainly not with two other books that are in mid-revision. Blah. Too many books in this head!


Carol A. Spradling said...

Aw Jen,

You have to finish COTM. If for no other reason, than for your friends. We love it.

I wouldn't worry about the comparison. Once the reader gets past the 'girl goes back in time to Scotland', the resemblance stops. Even that isn't similar. I loved the means in which Morgan is transported, very mythical, and not at all Outlanderish.

Precie said...

I agree with Carol! Maybe not in the near future since you've got so much on your plate already...but down the road, you MUST finish COTM! It's in you, and it needs to come out. LOL!

Jen said...


Thanks. :) Yeah, I need to finish it someday. Even if it only ever sees the inside of my desk. (g)

Besides, I'm afraid Jenna may hurt me if I refuse. LOL. She was so funny last night. I showed her the scene I was revising and she simply said... "I love Aidan."

It was very sweet and hammered home the point that I had something good going -- even if my writing chops left much to be desired. (g)

Thanks, Carol!


Jen said...


Agreed. :) Thanks for the support... _another_ STT. Oy vey. (g)


Claire Gregory said...

Mate, your FI scenes epitomise good sex. You get everyone so hot under the collar with your sexy guys that it's alllll good when they get down to business. I doubt anybody notices how well you've written them, being so caught up with fanning themselves...

Heh heh. But hey, I'm glad to know we're all struggling in the same way.

The funny thing is, I used to dread writing sex scenes until the start of this year, and then I wrote my (banned) rape scene that may or may not make it into the WIP- and all of a sudden everything fell into place- primarily because that was about the action and emotion and not about the physical aspects, per se. Though there's still everything I missed this month :) But heck. It's an ongoing process, as you say.

Jen said...


LOL -- thanks. That gives me an extra ego boost since you never see any sex in FI. (g) Well, there's one brief scene, but other than that, it's all lead up.

One lady did say she needed a cigarette after one scene....too cool cuz it faded to black before anything happened. (g)

Thanks for the kind words! We will struggle on together!