Monday, September 24, 2007

A Weekend Lost

I had SUCH high hopes for what I'd accomplish this weekend. I thought I would knock out a few chapters of BTPM, get back on track for finishing by (eek!) next Monday. Uh yeah, didn't happen.

One of my friends at school, whom I happen to sit next to in most of my classes, was extremely sick all week. And I caught it.. *CRIES* That sucks -- big time. At any rate, when Friday came around, I was so exhausted, I didn't get anything done... then Saturday I had to clean the house...and then my aunt took us out to celebrate her new raise...then we ended up watching the Nebraska women's volleyball team TROMP Texas A&M...and that was Saturday. Oh, and I worked on an MS I'm beta'ing. Then Sunday I finished that up and sent it off -- went to an animal walk that absolutely wiped me out...came home and _finished_ cleaning the house.... and crashed after dinner.

Yeah... I'd say I was slacking, but it really didn't feel that way--at all. LOL.

At any rate, I'm back in the game today -- sick or not. I'm going to get as close to a finished revision of btpm as I possibly can. I have 7 days and about heh...40K to get through. (VBG) Yeah, may not happen, but I'll do my darndest.

Oh, and I screwed around on Facebook quite a bit this weekend. Man, that place is addictive. It's fun to make connections with friends, tho -- even if I had to cut myself off from searching. (g) It was too upsetting when I thought I'd find a friend I lost contact with a few years ago and he ended up NOT being on the site. BUMMER.

Anywho, off to class soon. YAY. (no, not yay)

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Helene B said...

My weekend was a blowout too, writing wise.

I went away with 6 of my best girlfriends, partied in Niagara Falls and had a blast. Then, back to reality--kids, lunchcans,housework, homework, laundry, a blasted earache and an article due TODAY!

Sheesh! (It was fun tho')