Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Bit of Crazy

I haven't gotten much work finished in the past couple of days. School is just wearing my butt out, and what little I have left after homework isn't getting the job done. Oh well -- there's always the weekend.

Had a bit of a scare with my puppy. She had this weird mole on her leg--never really thought much about it because she has a lot of little skin tags. Anyway, it started getting kinda puffy and red this past week -- and well, she keeps biting it, etc. She had her annual visit to the vet for her shots, and much to my surprise, he did a biopsy of the thing. That scared the crap out of me, but luckily it's just a little benign tumor. She's scheduled to have her twin removed next week. (g) That's what I'm calling it because it reminds me of this episode of the X-Files where this guy's itty bitty, Siamese twin detaches itself to go around killing people. I know, random. This is how I get when I'm stressed and tired. (g) But in all seriousness, it was very scary. She's my little sidekick, and I don't know what I'd do without her.

My Baby. (s)


Rachel said...

Hey Jen,

She is seriously too cute.

Have you managed to work her into any of your WIPs yet?

And chin up about school. Law school is a hard slog - heck, any study is - but repeat after me - one more year, one more year, one more year. (g)


Precie said...

Poor baby. I'm so glad it's a benign tumor.

Hang in there, Jen.

Maggie said...

Glad your pooch is okay! Give her a cuddle for me.

Jen said...


Thanks. I haven't put her in a book yet, but I have big plans for her in book 3 or 4 of the Narc series. LOL. Yeah...

And yes, one more year...keep telling myself that. (g)


Jen said...


Thanks! Now comes the scary part -- leaving her at the vet all day to have it removed. They say they'll use a local, but there's an outside chance they may have to put her under. EEE. SCARY. I don't know how parents get through this kind of stuff. (g)


Jen said...


Will do! Thanks! :)


Helene B said...

Aw, give her a big hug for me. What a sweetie!

NBB said...

Dear Jen,

the first thing I thought when I saw the pic was "Hey, that's Jen!" and then "No, duh! *slapping her forehead like Homer S.* It's her avatar of course." *gg*

I'm with you with the worry.

I had my two cats spayed on Friday. While the red one (Jamie) was perfectly fine, the black one (Rocco) was bleeding A LOT! I already noticed when we were on our way back home, but the vet wasn't in anymore when we called so we had to drive home and wait for his call (he wanted to check on them, because of the narcosis). We had to wait about 2 hours and I'm so glad my Mom was there, I was shaking so hard and being restless and... I usually don't have a problem with blood, but this much out of such a small being?
Well, the vet finally called and then told us to come again and was horrified about the amount of blood and we were at his surgery till round midnight (I had hardly slept the days before and exhaustion was taking over, but Rocco has been such a brave little guy, didn't complain about his treatment and still wanted to cuddle afterwards - when I thought he'd never look at me again). Then I had to get up every two hours to check on him. I had to keep him in his box and he didn't like that at all, and was moving around much too much.
Yesterday has been the first day he hasn't bled at all, and thankfully that continued through the night, so I think all's good from now.

Uh, enough rambling, sorry!

But yeah, you're not alone :)

Jen said...

Thanks, Helene! Four more days and that sucker's history. The twin, I mean. :)

Jen said...


Awww, give the little guy a hug for me! Poor lil' thing. So glad to hear he's on the mend -- that must've been scary.

I'll admit, Chloe is my first pet (as an adult). So, I've never been solely responsible for an animal before. It's a little scary.

It doesn't help that Chloe seems to be accident prone. She hurts herself ALL the time. LOL. She's run through barbed wire before, cutting up her scalp in the process, torn skin off below her eye, on her knees, her jaw... lol. Not to mention the times she's sprained a leg or shoulder... Uh, our vet likes us -- A LOT. We're keeping him in a nice cushy lifestyle. I counted it up one year -- I think we were at the vet (for out of the norm reasons) about 12-15 times. That's ridunkulous! (g)


NBB said...

>>I'll admit, Chloe is my first pet (as an adult). So, I've never been solely responsible for an animal before. It's a little scary.<<

Same here.

My cats are indoor animals so this will hopefully be the first and last experience of the kind.
And Cloe sounds like me as a kid. *gg* Ran through barbed wire, cut my knee bone-deep, inflicted myself with a laceration on the forhead (this and that I have dark-brown hair and glasses, makes many people mention I look like a female Harry Potter; but my scar's half-moon shaped), you name it. Not no mention all the bruises and cuts I had all the time :)

Oh, off-topic and rambling again. I need to break that habbit...