Monday, April 2, 2007

Wait For It...Wait For It

I'm not quite finished. If you've been following my word count meter for BTPM, you'll see that I'm less than 800 words from my goal. HEH. Yeah, I'm gonna go over. I still have a couple of chapters to pull together, and the ending to write. I hope I can keep it down to only a couple of thousand over, but I'm not holding my breath. Oh well, hopefully when I go back through to tighten these chaps up, that count will fall some.

Anyway -- I pretty much wasted most of the day. It was so nice here and the outdoors wouldn't leave me alone. (g) I had to go play with the pup and just sit and enjoy the temp. So, that meant a _very_ late start on work. Oh well, I wrote about 2200 new words today. Considering I had no idea (really) of what I would write, I'm happy with the solutions I came up with. Honestly, it should go pretty fast from here on out. I have to finish one small scene...and then it's pretty much a straight shot to the end.

Here's hoping tomorrow is the day! (g)


Julie D. said...


Found your site on the Books and Writer's forum, and decided to come and pay a visit...

Congrats on the progress! Here's hoping you finish today! :D


Jen said...

Hi Julie,

I'm so glad you made your way over here. :) Always fun to see new people.

I haven't finished yet. LOL. It's the book that just keeps going and going. BUT, I can safely say I'm on the last two chapters -- and I'm halfway through one and the other should be fairly short. Then it will be time to print that puppy out and sit down for a read. (g)

Hit that 60K mark, though. (g) So, no complaints -- I should finish very soon. *crosses her fingers*

How's your YA coming?


Julie d said...

{wry g}

It's coming- slowly. I've only got about 200 words. Oh well, I have 27 days to make that 2k goal I set!

Jen said...


Hey -- it's a start. That's the most important thing. :)