Saturday, March 31, 2007

Getting Close!

I'm almost finished with BTPM. After sort of dragging my feet these past couple of days, I finally seem to be on a roll with it. I basically have the last 12K to pull into chapters -- filling in any small gaps that might still be there. In that, I need to write a little over not bad (most of that is the ending). I'm going to keep pushing tonight to see how far I get. If I can get within a day's worth of work, I'll be doing good. (g) Then perhaps I can knock out the rest tomorrow.

I've been getting very positive feedback at the kidcrit forum--and that's all I could really hope for. The great thing is that they're really helping me to tighten these chaps. Plus I have one critter demanding chapters as fast as I can put them up. (g) I love that it's caught her attention that way. My only problem is keeping up with the crits at this point. I feel like I've crit everything in sight already. (g)

Anyway, when I finish this book, I will be shouting from the hilltops! (g) I don't know why the last few thousand words are the hardest for me. Maybe I'm just not ready to let go of this one. It has been SO much fun to write -- gah, I love it more than I can say. It will be a joyous/sad occasion when I lay it to bed. I guess there's always book 2 to concentrate on -- boy is that one going to be a challenge. I will say that NOW. (g)

My biggest decision will probably be whether to work on book 2, or Narc 2. Oh..did I share this? I think I have a tentative title for book 2 (the BTPM series) -- WALKING IN SHADOW. (Close to Shadow Walker, eh? Well, I'm not changing this one -- it will be this, or some other variation. Shadow Walker will have to change if it becomes an issue. Simple as that. (g))

Anyway -- that's where I'm at. Back to work, I go.

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