Monday, April 30, 2007

One More!

Only one more final -- at noon tomorrow, this semester will be behind me. WOOHOO! Too bad I'm sooooo exhausted. LOL. I need a nap in the worst kind of way and I'm due back at school in about a half hour. Blah. Oh well -- gut it out, almost finished.

I had a wonderful ephiphany about FI the other morning. Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning -- when I'm not exactly asleep or awake, I often have really wonderful lightbulb moments. The clarity I experience is amazing during those times -- the biggest problem is actually remembering things later. LOL

Anywho, I figured out how to reconcile some of my current stuff with a suggestion D.A. made. I'm so happy -- it allows me to keep some of my favorite scenes. So, YAY. I'd tell ya more, but I wouldn't want to spoil it. ;)

OMG...I can't believe I have a final that starts in 14 hours. Okay, I'm off to catch a catnap.

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