Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sappy Romances

So, during a break yesterday, I flipped through some TV stations and ran across the movie adaptation of Danielle Steel's STAR. Oh man -- the memories that brought back! I, for whatever reason, loved that book when I was younger. I think it's because there's a singer featured in it and well, when I was a kid, that's all I dreamed of doing -- being on the stage, in the spotlight, singing for the world. Yeah, I was a sap. (g) I had high ambitions of being on Broadway -- that goal lasted until I was in college (as a voice minor who couldn't stand choir practice), but every now and then they spring back up when I see auditions being listed at the community playhouse, etc. Someday, perhaps -- for now, I'll content myself with the occasional go at the mic in a karaoke bar.

Anyway -- the point of my post. How in the world did I like that book so much?!? (g) I'm watching this movie, thinking to myself, this is C-R-A-P. (g) Don't get me wrong, everyone loves a good romance every now and then -- something to pass the time away under the sun, cheer you up, whatever. But, man -- STAR is just depressing. I found myself wondering why so many people choose to spend their hard earned cash on those books. I mean, the MC's are in love with each other, but it seems they always end up marrying someone else...staying with that person despite the availability of their true love, etc. I haven't read many Danielle Steel's -- maybe even just that one, but I've seen a couple of the movies. They're all the same. How does that happen??

I remember there was a discussion about these books on the writers forum I belong to -- someone posited the theory that they're like comfort food. Dependable. Hmm. I dunno -- to me, they're depressing. LOL. I hate seeing the two MC's spend years, sometimes decades apart, only to get together at the very end of the story -- when they're OLD and all kinds of used up. That's not romance, that's sad.

Okay -- anyway, I find this whole thing fairly ironic given the new book idea I have. LOL. I'll leave it at that.

FWIW -- I still liked the music in STAR -- despite Jenny Garth doing a horrible job at lipsynching. (g) You know, I think the book was better than the movie... Oh heaven help me. :)


Carol said...

Hi Jen,
'The book was better than the movie.' Now that's a really scary thought. I know Danielle Steele has mega book sales, but it baffles me as to why. She writes in formula and you are right, her books are nothing but depressing. If my writing ever ventures into the romance genre, *cough* I hope to leave my readers feeling all warm and cozy.

Jen said...


Exactly -- nothing wrong with warm and cozy feelings. :) Have you ever read James Patterson's "Letters" books...gah, can't remember their exact titles now. Anyway -- sappier books you would be hard pressed to find -- but man, they're good and I totally cried. :) Oh hey! More tear books -- forgot about those. (g)

Anyway -- yeah, I don't get the DS phenomenon -- nor the Nora Roberts thing... but hey, lots of room for all kinds of books, I guess. (g) I'd kill to have an ounce of their success -- so I won't knock 'em. (g) Write on, ladies!


Beth said...

I hate seeing the two MC's spend years, sometimes decades apart, only to get together at the very end of the story -- when they're OLD and all kinds of used up.

Used up??? LOL.

Is that what happens to love and romance when we age--the quarters run out and the gears freeze?

One of my all-time favorite books is about a man and a woman who have a fiery, passionate relationship, and then are separated for many years, only to reunite at the very end of their lives. It is a rich, touching story. And then, of course, there's Jamie and Claire, who despite their age and years of separation, hardly strike me as "used up."

Trust me--love only gets deeper, stronger, and more intimate with age. ;)

Jen said...


*giggles* Well, used up in the beat up and broken down sense. (g)