Saturday, April 28, 2007

Three More Days

Yes, I'm counting down now. It's been so long since I've written anything that it seems like I can't even remember how to go about it anymore. I feel a bit disconnected from it all. Does that happen to you when you're forced to step away from your wips and characters? I hate it. I think it might be part of the reason I've been grumpy the past couple of weeks. I miss the satisfaction of seeing a scene unfold beneath my fingers. That sense of accomplishment and pride you get after struggling with a tough scene...or watching it flow across the screen almost on auto-pilot.

I think it's true that you need to write every day -- I certainly would if I could. There's nothing worse than feeling that connection to your work disappear -- almost as if you'll never be able to get back in the minds of your characters, etc. I've had to step away before -- heck, I don't think I wrote much my first semester of school -- but it's always hard for me to get back in the groove. Frustrating. Soo frustrating. (g)

The wonderful thing is that I'll walk out of my last final around noon on Tuesday and then I can concentrate on finishing the last bits of BTPM and _really_ start thinking about revisions to FI. Oh, it will be lovely. :) I am taking classes this summer, but the first one doesn't start for about a month. So, I have a lot of time to write/revise, etc. I prolly need to get a job, but hopefully I can get away with only working part-time. It's a toss-up -- being somewhat poor, but having time to focus on my MS's. Hey, I'm willing to make that sacrifice right now. :)

*deep breath* Two more finals...I can do this.

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