Friday, April 6, 2007

Update On Full Request

I have some truly wonderful news. No, I haven't signed with an agent, but dang it...this is almost as good. LOL.

I sent my full MS to the requesting agent on Thursday (yesterday!). A lot of stuff has happened since then, but basically he wants to discuss revisions with me. *blink* I have no idea what's going to happen at this point, but looks like there's _a_ phone call in our future. I'm super excited. He's a fantastic agent and he really seems to believe in my book and writing skills. He loves my MC and really gave me some great compliments after finishing the book (already!). He said I stood a decent shot at making it in fiction... so who the heck could ask for more? (g)

We also discussed BTPM, and perhaps a read of that is in our future. He's expressed an interest, but only after I give it the final spit-shine. Considering I'm just finishing, that's totally okay with me. Right now I have to get back into the FI frame of mind anyway.

He basically wants me to flesh out the plot dealing with the undercover stuff. I couldn't agree more. He said with a couple of more layers, etc. this could be really good. He's willing to invest his time in helping me, so I'm more than thrilled. Wow -- what a wonderful day! I'm mentally and physically exhausted from being on edge since I got the full request on Wednesday. Talk about things happening quickly! (g)

So...yay. More good news! :)


Rhonda said...

What WONDERFUL news! This sounds so promising. Good luck and congratulations!!!!!


Jen said...


Hey, girl! Thanks for dropping by and for the well wishes! I still can't stop muttering OMG every few minutes. LOL -- it's all very surreal. HURRY up Monday. Need to know what he's gonna say.



Hélène B said...


That's wonderful! I'll be checking in Monday for the update. :-)

Jen said...


Thank you! I'm super excited/nervous to begin this process. Everything has happened so quickly, my head is spinning. But I'll take it! (g)