Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Inspiration truly comes at the strangest times. An idea for another book has bubbled up -- this one is a _whoa_ kind of story. The possibilities of where I can take it are simply amazing -- and I KNOW this book needs to be written. I hate to be a tease, but I need to keep this one close to the vest for a while. Mull it over. It's pretty much a departure from anything I've written before. I'm not sure if you'd term it a romance, but it definitely has those elements. Heck, it could be *gulp* literary. HEH.

Anyway, I've jotted down some notes about it -- even wrote the first couple of lines. It'll have to wait though... dang finals. WHY?? Why do ideas always bubble up when I need to hit the books?? My mind is a regular pro at the ole' procrastination thing. LOL. Even so, the inspiration that hits me during these times is fantastic. Without it, I wouldn't have BTPM under my belt...or FAKING IT for that matter. Yeah, I guess law school is good for some things. (g) If only I could bottle the stress at the end of a semester -- that stuff works!

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