Monday, April 23, 2007

Promised Pics

Okay, I hope this works. (g)

Here's a close-up of Bailey. I've nicknamed her Wookie. LOL.

Okay, here is the source of the Wookie nickname. Check out those ears! I highly doubt she has _any_ control over them. They're all over the place, and behave completely willy nilly.


Here's Chloe...My pup.
Can you read her mind? Yeah, she's thinking, "This is BULLSH*T!"

After much head humping for dominance, Chloe (right) and Bailey (left) pass out. Hey, I'm just glad they're willing to lay next to each other. (g)

I had to add one more. One thing I've noticed is how Bailey follows Chloe around the whole day, and tends to mimic what Chloe does. Case in point. (g)

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