Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Call

You know how you worry you're going to be caught with toilet paper on your shoe when you meet a hot guy? Maybe have a sprig of broccoli in your teeth at that first kiss moment? Yeah, something like this was bound to happen to me. I got The Call -- it interrupted my well-deserved, much needed nap. Let me tell you, it's not easy to turn on the charm or brain when you're in a complete fog. LOL. Gak!

Anyway, the call went very well. There are too many details to go into right now, but he made some pretty heavy-hitting suggestions that will really change the face of FI. Some are easier to swallow than right now, I'm just trying to let them all marinate.

The great thing is he understands I have finals coming, so isn't pushing me to turn in immediate revisions. He even suggested that perhaps I give him a rough outline as a jumping off point. That's probably the way I'm leaning, though I abhor the things like I'll catch the plague while writing one.

I'm a little confused about where we stand at this point. LOL. I was a bit overwhelmed by the entire phone call, so I'm still trying to sort it all out. This is basically what he said: He knows I have other agents looking at the manuscript. If someone tries to strike a deal with me, he wants to know ASAP so he can give his pitch. He doesn't believe we need any kind of agreement at this point, and that we can just move forward together. However, (and this is where I'm confused) if I get to the point where I feel I need something more concrete, we can do that. So, what do I do with that? Would it be fair to go back and say, I want to know we have a deal now -- just so I no longer have to worry about the agent search and all that implies? Or is it better to just leave it as is for now? Y'all know what I'm scared of -- I don't want him to lose that loving feeling. (g)

The general impression I got -- he wants to rep me.



Jenny said...

I think you're in a good place right now. Really sounds like he wants to rep you, and you did mention that you read somewhere he normally doesn't have formal contracts. So I think you can not worry about querying anyone else for a bit, and if anyone else does bite, he'll probably pitch pretty hard for you to make him your "official" agent.

And look at it this way - you are getting FREE advice and the chance to work closely with a *highly* respected agent who likes your work. A lot of people would kill (or at least pay dearly) for that!

Of course, as the author, you hold final decision on what changes to make. If something doesn't jive with you, tell him so, and why, and see if you guys can come up with something that works for both of you.

After you've gotten through finals and made the revisions, and if he starts talking submission, then you can ask for a formal contract if at that point you still feel like you need one.

Beth said... you agree with his revision suggestions? Will they make it a better book? Are you willing to give it a try, even if you're not sure? (After all, you'll still have your own original version of the novel.)

If so, for that reason alone it would be worth doing them; then if he approves, he should offer something "concrete" at that time. Meanwhile, keep querying! (Unless, of course, you've decided the novel really does need revising before you contact any more agents.)

Oh, and congratulations! :)

Hélène B said...

Hi Jen!

That is extremely positive feedback, but oh so, excrutiating in terms of closure. I can understand how at loose ends you feel, without a formal agreement in place, but you are so much closer to your goal.

Good luck with the revisions!