Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Over!!

I just turned in my paper.. WHAT a relief. If only I didn't have a final looming on Monday -- this calls for a celebration. I'll probably take a nap instead. LOL. The worst part is that my aunt and uncle are hosting a wine tasting tomorrow night *cries* and I can't go cuz I need to study. WAH WAH WAAAAAHH.

Anywho -- one really cool thing about my paper (and yes, there really is only _one_ cool thing about it) is that I ran across a very familiar name in the process of doing research. My paper was about electronic publishing/new uses (meaning, the technology didn't really exist when an author entered their licensing agreement with their publisher for distribution of their book/s -- so now the courts are scrambling to figure out who owns the rights for ebooks, and any future technology not yet discovered.) Told ya -- boring. Anyway, DA gave a deposition in the case (I didn't have time to do more than skim), but I think he was talking about trade lingo/custom and what "a book" has been historically held to mean, etc. Hey, it's a talking point. LOL. So, DA...I read your deposition in such and such case... (g) Yeah, it's the exhaustion talking at this point.

OMG...I'm so happy that paper is turned in. It's complete crap, but it's in and I no longer have to stare at my pile of research. Maybe I'll burn it for closure. (g) Yeah...that would be nice...

Okay, yeah...need nap.


Carol said...

Yea! You finished!
You are going to make such points with DA by knowing about his depo. I'm sure most people don't even know he wrote one, and now here you come, familiar with it AND having used it as a source in a law paper. Gush, gush, gush. You will be his favorite client. Who would have guessed law school would promote your network in the writing field. Now, aren't you glad you had that assignment?

Carol said...
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Jen said...

Glad I had the assignment? Uh, NO. (g) But it's over -- that's all I care about. LOL.

I prolly need to go back and actually read the depo. (g)