Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yep, Finals Are Coming

If there's one thing that's been true throughout my entire law school career, it's that the urge to write is the strongest when finals are drawing near. It's about that time, and man, I wanna write. (g) Last semester, I wrote 20K of BTPM two weeks before they began. Yeah, lol..I'm a master of procrastination. BUT, I will say I'm very productive at such times.

I posted an excerpt from The Braeden over at the writers forum and received some positive feedback. Of course, I want to work on it now. However, I need to do revisions of Faking It and I need to finish up the ending scenes for BTPM. It's a non-stop NEED to work on one of them when all I should be doing is studying. Blah. Finals are NO fun.

Anyway, I don't really have much to report -- just school, really. I'm plowing away at my paper -- which is due on Friday. And then my first final is the following Monday -- just a week away!! EEK.

Oh, and with all of the mounting stress, I decided to take a night off to spend with some friends who came into town unexpectedly last night. If you haven't seen "300" and you're a healthy female -- GO. Do not question it.. GO. (g) 300 well-built men in loin cloths for _two_ hours... need I say more?

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