Saturday, April 7, 2007

Advice Noted

Can I just say that my stomach is completely filled with butterflies as I wait for Monday to roll around? LOL. I'm having trouble sleeping and can't seem to concentrate on much. What a LONG weekend.

One really fun thing is how excited my family is all of a sudden. My family--love 'em--but they're not "dreamers." They're very 'salt of the earth' types -- work hard, pay your bills, no time for nonsense - sort of people. Up until now, my writing has been on the downlow. They KNEW about it, but it wasn't really discussed too much. Every now and then someone would ask me how my "writing thing" was coming along...usually after they make sure I'm studying enough and not using all of my time to write, etc.

My grandfather was so cute today. He _asked_ me about my book. It was the weirdest thing. Anyway, he gave me a very sage piece of advice. He looked at me, long and steady and said, "Just remember to take this one day at a time. Nothing's for sure until it happens." Amen! Thanks, Grandpa! (g) Then, after studying me for a VERY long time -- all the while, I can tell he wants to ask me _something_ -- he says, "How do you come up with ideas of what to write?" *giggles* Is that too cute, or what? Remember -- my grandfather is 85 years old. Bet he hasn't read more than the sports pages since he was in school.

Been getting tidbits of advice from other writers. I personally like the "remember he puts his pants on one leg at a time" comment. SO true and so easy to forget.

Anyone have anything else they'd like to offer? I have an entire day to kill. (g)


Hélène B said...

More advice? Hmm...

I guess just remember that this is a business relationship. Once you enter into an agreement, you should consider yourself equals in the relationship, just with different specialties.

It helps keep things in perspective and manage expectations. :-)

Jen said...


Ah yes...very good thing to remember. I think that's easily forgotten during this crazy process. It feels like I'm interviewing with him, when really it's a mutual interview for a relationship that will be give and take. Thanks!


Julie D. said...

Oooh, I'm waiting on pins and needles to hear how it goes!

Jen said...


Oh man, me too! (g)