Thursday, July 26, 2007



(Wanted for Conspiracy to commit murder) (Wanted for Murder)

This morning has been absolutely nutty. My uncle recently planted all of these plants around this huge ginko we have in the backyard -- the dogs were chasing squirrels up into the tree and disturbing the mulch, I guess. LOL. Anyway -- the dogs were eating the new plants and laying on them, etc., so he put a chicken wire fence around it -- about 3 feet high. Somehow Chloe got inside the fence this morning and caught a squirrel. (blinks)

I can only assume the little bugger couldn't get away from her because of the fence -- though why it didn't go back up the tree is beyond me. Maybe it was sick and fat or something. lol. She's been trying for 5 years to catch one and now she's finally succeeded. She couldn't have been more pleased with herself.

We only found out about it because Bailey was going crazy with her little high pitched bark -- at 8 in the morning, not the best thing for the neighbors. It took forever to get the dogs inside, during which time I didn't even know what was going on. Chloe had blood all over the top of her nose *smacks hand to forehead*. She as all kinds of happy, though -- running around like she was the toughtest dog on the planet. Littler murderer. LOL.

Anyway, my uncle was horrified because the squirrel was still alive -- didn't know if he should leave it or kill it. Apparently it died not too long after -- thank God. Poor little thing. Both of us were a bit horrified to discover Chloe is actually a dog with animal instincts. (g) There's no living with her now, the little stinker.

This got me to thinking about BTPM -- and well, the nature of werewolves. It led to a good bit of inspiration for WALKING IN SHADOW. Man, I am SO ready to work on a new book. LOL. This revision stuff is for the birds! Even if it is for the greater good. (g)

Anywho, I'm back to work.

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