Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I'm back to working on BTPM. Top of the agenda is the front end, trying to decide if I want to re-order the scenes or leave them as is. I've had such conflicting advice on the first two chapters that I'm just confused. LOL. I made notecards for the first 3, and right now I'm in the process of coming up with an order that makes me happy. Problem is, I like the way it is now... but then some days I think it needs major rearrangement. I tell ya -- I'm like a fickle schoolgirl.

Anywho -- I'll most likely try out a few things and send it out to a couple of test readers. I have a preliminary order that I put together tonight. I'll wait to see how I feel about it in the morning. Right now, I have a raging headache and don't fully trust myself to chop things up. (g)

Great thing is the holiday tomorrow -- no class. (WOOHOO) And my fam is going out of town so I'll have the house to myself all weekend. LOVELY.

After all the craziness of this past couple of weeks, it's just what I need. Half of me would like to say VACATION for Jen... no writing, no nothing. But then, when will I have such a big chunk of time again? Not for a LONG time, I tell ya. So, here's hoping I muster the energy and desire to work on BTPM. I would like to get it in the mail SOON. :) All right, I'm off.

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