Thursday, July 19, 2007

All Caught Up

I got my course materials -- finally. Last night I spent several hours trying to catch up on all the assignments. I didn't go to bed until about three. (Exhausted) BUT, I'm back on top of things now and ready to move forward. The great thing? One week of three is almost over...whew! This will be a fast 'un. (g)

I'm heading to see some relatives tonight. They breed dogs and want me to help them set up a blog to advertise their puppies. The puppies are about 5-6 weeks now... I'm gonna have a good time! (g) Last I saw them, their eyes were still closed and all they did was eat and poo. It'll be fun to chase them around.

So, not much chance to work on either book these past two days. I'm still thinking on it, though -- all the time. I've come up with some new things to add to BTPM and have started thinking about how best to tackle FI. After this week, things should settle into a routine (i.e. AFTER HP comes out). Hey, priorities! You gotta have 'em.

A friend is sort of pushing me to finish the short story so I can submit it to SIWC. I'm going to try, but I must make FI a priority. I wouldn't object too much to spending an hour or so every day on it, though. I'd love to submit it...especially because I'm _tentatively_ planning on attending the conference. Right now I'm trying to work out the deniro behind the whole thing, but it's looking somewhat hopeful. (g) By somewhat, I mean I may be able to _squeak_ by. lol

Anyway, I'm missing my books -- a lot.


Hélène B said...

Oh! I hope you get your SS in. I just submitted mine this week.

And lucky duck to even GO to the conference. Sweet!

Jen said...


I hope to go to the conference. (g) I'm back on the fence about it... gonna wait a while before I make a firm decision. I guess there's plenty of time to do that. (g) And the short -- we'll see. LOL. Harry Potter knocked out a great chunk of my time... heh.