Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanks, Mom!

I've harped a lot about critters and how you shouldn't trust their opinion 100% if they're close to you -- i.e. a good friend or relative. But today I want to say that even though I take such opinions with a grain of salt, they are lovely to have. (g) Of course, after hearing them, I probably need to send out my MS to three new betas -- just to keep my head on the ground. (g)

I spoke to my mom last night. When I originally told her that D.A. wanted revisions to FI, she was actually quite upset. Said she thought my book was great the way it was... that she loved it and didn't think any changes were necessary. Awww, thanks, Mom!

She's been periodically checking up on my progress -- so how much do you think will change? Are you sure you want to do this? It's great the way it is!

No, Mom... I think he has a point. If we could just come to an agreement that we both like...

*sigh* Okay...

Last night I told her we finally reached that point.

Will there be a lot of changes?

Well, yeah... I'd say I'm rewriting 3/4ths of the book, BUT the core story is still there, same feel.

Oh, okay. *silent sigh that came across louder than any words*



Susan Adrian said...


One reason I don't let my parents read my stuff. But that's sweet!!

BTW, your feed has dropped off my Google Reader for some reason. I thought you were being awfully quiet...

Jen said...


It was quite sweet. (g) Considering half my family is ignoring the fact I write, it's nice to have her support. I think she'd go after D.A. if he suggested something too outrageous. (g)

And hmmm re: the google reader. I have no idea how that happened. But you should know _I'm_ never quiet. (VBG) That should've tipped you off that something was wrong right away. ;)