Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Forward Momentum

I'm nearly finished with chapter 2. In the next, the story will pretty much progress as it did before. Of course, I need to make changes due to the ripples the new scenes created, but overall, it should go a lot faster for about 5 chapters or so. Then there will be a brief hiccup while I write a major new scene, punching up the conflict in the front end of the story, etc. Then it should be smooth sailing the rest of the way through. *crosses fingers*

I'm super excited to get on a steady roll. Right now I'm moving at a snail's pace as I hem and haw over this sentence, or that paragraph and whether or not it's necessary. Gah, I hate revisions. lol... Although, I like the end result. The one good thing is that I'm getting the opportunity to write new stuff.. I'm cutting, but it seems every time I cut, I add... Therefore, the word count is hovering in the same area. Oh well -- I know of a 1K cut coming up. (g) And like I said -- it's so wonderful to be writing new stuff.

No word from D.A...but I figure next week is the earliest I'll hear. Anything before that will be a bonus. I know he's super busy right now. Although I'm dying to know what he thinks, I'm slightly relieved. As I told someone, if his response is negative, my confidence will take a nosedive, which will ultimately harm the revision process for BTPM. If it's positive, I'll want to jump on FI right away, which will ultimately hurt the revisions for BTPM. Sooooo... best not to know right now. LOL. Of course, I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to hear what he thinks. (g)

Other than that...two more days of class, and I have Friday off... then back to school on Monday for the new session. Blah!

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