Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sooo Much Yellow

With BTPM well on its way to being polished (let's hope), I decided I MUST turn my attention to FI. Goodness, I can't believe it's taken me this long to get to it. Anyway, I printed out my nifty little outline I sent D.A. and went at it with a pack of highlighters. LOL.

For whatever reason, I made the mistake of NOT highlighting the old stuff that stays. LOL. What a doof. By time I finished, about 5 of the 7 pages were highlighted in yellow. Man, that's a lot of new stuff. The good thing is that practically none of it is in the first 100 pages. With any luck, I should be able to whip through the front end rather quickly. Most of it remains the same, with a few scenes yanked from later in the book and mingled in. Actually, I think there are only two new scenes, and just a few tweaks that need to be made. Thank God. Of course, that means the last half will be very intensive. (g)

So, basically I divided the outline into four categories. The old stuff that will stay as is, the new stuff that I'll be writing from scratch, the scenes that remain but need to be tweaked, and the questionable stuff (in other words, the stuff D.A. wasn't so hot on).

Now comes the hard part. I have to get back inside Maddy's head. I know this should be simple enough considering I wrote this book, but it's been a LONG time. LOL. The last time I edited/tweaked this MS was back in January, I think... Maybe Feb. At any rate, I haven't really touched it since at least Feb., which is when I initially queried D.A. Sure, I've been tweaking this outline forever, but I haven't had to worry about getting my hands too dirty and dealing with voice, etc. I did bring her out to play for that house party on the writer's forum, but I wouldn't call that substantial. lol.

I must channel my inner smart-ass. (VBG)

Okay, so maybe that won't be too difficult. LOL. But it will be quite the switch from dealing with teenagers and werewolves. (g)

One of my main objectives for this revision is to give a greater sense of place. It's definitely the thing I struggle with the most. I _think_ I've conquered my general fear of descriptions. Let's hope. (g) I really began to delve into them with BTPM and went _hogwild_ with The Braeden. I hope to bring that to FI, in a big way. That's one really positive thing about having the chance to rewrite this sucker. I can bring everything I've learned to it. It's crazy how much I've grown since churning this baby out (just a year ago!). Not to sound immodest, but I think that's a universal truth for most writers. You just get better. *shrug* Or at least, you _should_. LOL. I'm sure I have numerous residual problems hanging about.

One thing is for sure -- I want to knock D.A. out of his boots with this rewrite. *deep breath*

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