Thursday, July 5, 2007


Well, I woke up this morning and still liked my revision ideas. By noon I scratched the entire plan. LOL. I told you, I'm fickle. (g)

I made a preliminary decision, however. I decided that I really LOVE the opening scene as is.. I just do. I also decided it wasn't packing enough punch. So, I spent today figuring out a way to give more oomph to the end of the first chapter. My solution is to add to the orignal scene -- putting in more suspense and an actual threat to my MC.

I'm very pleased to say that tonight I wrote the new scene. I just finished the first draft of it -- about 1200 new words. Ahhhh. It feels good. :) It's been a while since I've produced anything. And the great thing is that I really like it. Sure, it probably needs some clean-up and tomorrow I may hate it -- but tonight it's lovely. (g) Totally lifted my spirits -- even with my raging headache (yes! another one!). Goodness. :)

Anywho, I hope to polish up chapter 1 tomorrow. At this rate, I may have the front end taken care of this weekend. That would be grrrreat. We'll see. (s)


Hélène B said...

It must feel great to be in 'production mode' again.

I hope DA likes the outline! Fingers crossed...

Jen said...


Oh, feels real good. (g)

And thanks for the well wishes! I got a note saying he has it and will look asap. *eee* LOL. I just hope he's not completely disappointed or something. I need to move foward so I stop wallowing in these dang revisions. :)


Hélène B said...

Oh great! Sounds like you'll be getting feedback from DA soon. You've worked so hard. Here's hoping he flips and goes for it.

I'm waiting to hear what A thinks of Mason and the series proposal I sent her last week so I'm there with you.


Ah, who are we kidding. :-)

Jen said...


We're fooling NO ONE. (g)

Last time I had to wait over two weeks for a response. Granted, that's really not THAT long. It just seemed an eternity compared to how fast he read my original MS (i.e. overnight!). LOL. I was a mess, thinking he lost that loving feeling. Of course, as it turned out, he didn't like the outline. HEH.

Here's hoping he gets back SOON and with a POSITIVE response this time.

And here's hoping your agent loves Mason AND your proposal. I have no doubt she will. :)