Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bit In The Butt

The past couple of days have been NUTS. I didn't really mention this before, but changing my class to get the two weeks off at the end of the summer was a complete nightmare. I didn't even know if I actually made it into the class until about 15 minutes before it started. It was a tad nerve-wracking because I skipped the one I had signed up for, figuring I would make it in... but then I didn't hear anything, so I was slightly freaked out. If there's one thing to be said about law school professors -- they're a bit unforgiving when it comes to excuses and well, missing class. (g) And of course, there was an assignment that I hadn't completed...

Another crap thing about the change is that they were out of the course packets for this new class -- so I'm still waiting for them to print a new one for me. Problem is that I still have homework due every day. Yeah... can't quite get that done without the readings, etc. It's really freaking me out because the last thing I want is to get behind in a _three week_ class. LOL. I did speak to my professor about it today and he's okay with me turning them in once I get my supplies. TG. (g) Hopefully it will be in tomorrow. The assignments are fairly easy, but time consuming. I can see having to spend 8 hours catching up. JOY.

At any rate, with my marathon revisions yesterday, I was a bit wiped out today. I haven't gotten much accomplished. Mostly I've been staring at the materials for the next chapter and second guessing my decision to cut a big flashback from the original version. I talked myself into snipping the sucker, but now I'm not sure it's the right decision... BLAH. Yeah, I may need to sleep on it. (g) I'm way too exhausted to be objective (late nights and no sleep tend to make me very sentimental about my scenes (g)). Boy will I be glad to get past chapter 4 -- after that the chapters will be much more stable. LOL.

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