Monday, June 2, 2008

Confession Time

After a couple of rocky days of marathoning, the last three were a complete flop--I got nothing. Nada. No words whatsoever. :P Bummer to the max. (Are my valley girl roots showing, or what?)

Anywho -- I spent all weekend working, and then went out with some friends last night--didn't get home until 2am. I'm exhausted and today has been a bit slow going. However, I spent a couple of hours outside with the pups, soaking up some rays (Gah, I'm a ghost) and brainstorming ways to throw this dang book together. I'm _getting there_. Only problem is that now I'm dissatisfied with the first 30 pages or so. I've come up with a way to rearrange some things that I think will help make me happy--we'll see. It's not really the part of the book I want to be thinking about right now, but alas, when I'm having a tough time getting going, I become easily distracted. An unfortunate reality of me as a writer. (g) I'm not letting myself work on that just yet -- the changes are relatively easy, but I think will be rather time-consuming. BUT, if I can't get going on one of the holes at the end, I'll dig in to that for a while. We'll see how it goes.

And of course, another sign of my need to procrastinate is a new idea. I have one. This one is horror... LOL. I suppose this has a great deal to do with having seen The Strangers last night -- and a kinda freaky experience my friend and I had during our attempt to find the freeway last night. The hour long ride gave me lots of time to mull this premise over, we'll see... to write. Wish me luck.

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