Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Not My Fault. Honest.

It's Jo's. :)

When I heard some stores were already selling her new book, I rushed over to church only to find mine wasn't one of the chosen few. Sigh. I had to comfort myself with some other selections. (g)

Janet Evanovich's FEARLESS FOURTEEN (even though I've heard terrible, terrible things about it. I'm like a literary addict who needs a hit. Mmm Ranger. Mmmm Joe.)

Kim Harrison's DEAD WITCH WALKING (I'm curious :))

Laura K. Hamilton's GUILTY PLEASURES (A friend recommended it)

...forty dollars later... LOL. Gah, I need a 12-step program. First step is admitting I have a problem.


Nope, can't do it. (g)


Tara Parker said...

Great. I HAVE to get to church TODAY. Thanks. (g)

Deniz Bevan said...

Terrible? Really? Okay, when do the Evanovich books start to suck? I don't have time to read all of them right now - sooo many other books to read first, not to mention my resolution to NOT BUY ANYMORE, at least for a few months - and it would be nice to in advance so I don't start staying up late and plowing through them, only to be disappointed...

Jennifer Hendren said...


LOL -- hope your worship session leaves you feeling rejuvenated. (g)


Jennifer Hendren said...


Well, that's what the advance reviews are saying, according to the Smart Bitches. I have no idea yet -- haven't started it yet.

As for the series -- I've pretty much enjoyed it up until now. The last book (13) wasn't my favorite, but I still need to see what happens. (g) Then again, Carol, I believe, couldn't get into book 1. So, it's all subjective. But for me, I was hooked, hardcore up through book 12 or so. And notice I'm still shelling out the big duckets for the new releases. LOL..