Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Where are all of my COST OF FREEDOM purchasers?? Are you telling me I get to keep all of my lovely books? (g)

Seriously, folks, kudos to Carol for reaching #7 on The Wild Rose Press's bestseller list. But man, wouldn't it be lovely to see her at #1?? WE can make it happen! Let's see some entries in my "win one of Jen's favorite books and make her cry over the loss" contest. :) I'll be happy to shed those tears!


NBB said...

She's now #1! Wohooo!

Jennifer Hendren said...


Oh yeah, in historicals. But the great thing is she's #8 (thought it was #7) on the overall list, for all genres. :)


Tara Parker said...

Contest? What contest? I've been in the black hole of ITIL training for 3 days. (g)

Tara Parker said...

Had to post another comment in order to get updates emailed. (g)

Jennifer Hendren said...


The link to the new contest is at the top of the sidebar. I said if 15 people came back with a proof of purchase of Carol's book (i.e. an order number), I'll do a drawing for one of my favorite books. The choices were THE HOST, UGLIES, LOOKING FOR ALASKA, and THE BOOK THIEF. (sniffle) Oh so hard to think of giving any of them up. (g) But I will!

Problem is that we only have 3 or 4 entries so far. So spread the word! :)


Cindy said...

Um, I need a *paper* copy.

I'm waiting for that. (G)