Thursday, December 20, 2007


Been a crazy couple of days -- whirlwind of dealing with family issues, recovering from a hellish semester, trying to write, and trying to finish that dang book I was reading. LOL.

I'm happy to report I finally finished the book, which shall remain nameless. I simply have nothing good to say about it...and well, even I'm not that mean. (g) I wish the author great success, but man, don't know if he/she will be getting anymore of my duckets.

Other than that--nothing much. I realized today that I have a big Christmas dinner with my fam on Saturday and I haven't done any shopping... Nor have I purchased my gifts for the big family gathering on Christmas Eve. I'm way behind, IOW. :) It's been nice relaxing at home, tho... I definitely needed a break for a day or two. Now back to the regularly scheduled program of hardcore revisions (I hope).

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