Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh Yeah, Baby

I made it again. Yes, it's late...but I'm happy I pulled this one out. Tomorrow I _must_ start writing before midnight. (VBG)

I had hoped to finish the big scene tonight, but I got a bit burned out -- physically and emotionally. So, I skipped forward, still staying in the same general area of the book. Hopefully I can tie it all up tomorrow. There isn't much left to write. Then I'll likely have to cut some stuff to tighten it up. Oh well -- that is for another stage in this process. (g)

But the good news is that I just banked me another hundred pages. :)

Page Creds: 178 Actually Read: NADA -- got me some reading to do. (g)

Oh..and no line of the day again.. Try again tomorrow. Dang spoilers. lol

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