Monday, December 31, 2007

A Good Night

I have no idea if I met my word count goal. LOL. I'm sure I ran a little short, though. I started adding on to a new scene and then ended up salvaging some stuff from the original MS. My word count was 5K by time I finished, but it does need to be cut down quite a bit. I basically wrote until I couldn't stay awake another minute and then just ended up cutting and pasting the salvaged bits straight into the scene. I fiddled for about a half minute and then called it good for the night. Hopefully I can straighten the whole thing out this afternoon and then move on to something new.

I figured I got close enough to finish up SPECIALS. Okay, maybe I gave myself a little leeway, it being a holiday and all. (g) Finished it a little bit ago -- LOVED it. I'll get to a review in the next day or so. (On to THE SWEET FAR THING!! *yay*)

I decided NOT to go out tonight. So I'll be typing away when the ball drops (theoretically). I'll probably ring in the New Year with a glass of wine, but I really want to stay sharp and focused on my book right now. So no late night parties for this girl. She's on a mission. (g) It'll be good cuz I'll have the house to myself...and I can calm the dogs when everyone shoots off their guns. LOL.

Ohh! And I'm headed over to B&N shortly. Want to see if the fabulous Joanna Bourne's book is out yet. THE SPYMASTER'S LADY is getting some STELLAR reviews and I can barely wait to have it in my greedy little paws. After all, I don't want to be the last person on the forum to have read it. LOL. I (she says sheepishly) don't usually venture over into the romance section, but I'm hoping to snag a few people so I can talk up the book. It's not often I can say, "I know her!" Well, I CAN actually say that quite a bit lately. The community of writers I belong to kicks some MAJOR ASS. I swear, it seems like every other day someone is making a big announcement about finding an agent or selling a manuscript. Very exciting group to interact with, and I hope I can make such big announcements soon. :)

Okay...I'm off.


Lindsay York Levack said...

Hey, I happen to think writing is a great way to ring in a new year. ;o)

I can't wait to read Jo's book, either. Let us know how your shopping goes.

moonrat said...

working on new year's eve?! darn, you are dedicated! be proud.

happy new year!

NBB said...

You'll not be the last person to read Jo's book.
I got an e-mail on Sunday that the books is shipped out and it will only arrive here TOMORROW! :)
(The book is already #5399 from 7,199,269 listed English books on *whew*)

I hardly dare visit the forum lest I meet spoilers...
I'm fully prepared to spent tomorrow reading, although I *should* be getting my papers for my tax counselor together :)

Jen said...


Glad I'm not the only one. Thanks. :) And I managed to get Jo's book, minus the "talking up." I fished that sucker up and looked around -- all men and young boys. Then I figured I could say something to the cashier ladies...they just blinked at me like they didn't understand English. Sigh. Wholly unsuccessful. LOL. But I don't care!! I have the book and it was wonderful! :)


Jen said...


LOL -- yeah, my family and friends thought I was out of my mind. But seriously, stepping away and suffering the effects of a hang-over was the last thing I needed. (g)


Jen said...


Ohhh...hope you got it. It's a fantastic book. People kept trying to interrupt my reading time (including my characters from FI) and I promptly SSSH'ed them all.

Hope you enjoy. :)