Sunday, December 30, 2007

Load Of Excuses

So, yeah...didn't make my word count goal last night. In fact, I didn't even open up my WIP pages to work on it. I think the consecutive nights of 5am writing sessions finally caught up with me. I lazed around all day, and when I was finally willing and able to write, a friend rang me up to come hang out. It's one of those dilemmas -- I haven't seen a lot of my friends for quite some time because of finals, etc. But man, I really need to finish this damned book. LOL. Of course, my thoughts didn't work nearly that fast and I agreed before really giving it enough consideration.

At any rate, I had a lovely evening -- laughing my ass off and getting caught up on all the gossip (and spreading my own, of course).

So, I've added half of last night's words to tonight's goal and the rest to tomorrow's. EEE. 3750 words. Just starting now--weekends are NOT good for me. Way too many distractions. But it may have turned out for the best in the end -- major breakthroughs the past couple of days and I'm super excited to get started. It's really the first time--in quite a while--that I can "see" the events that I need to write. And the things I'm seeing are in that oh-so-tough middle. (YAY) PLUS -- and this is a huge bonus that practically had me jumping up and down in the aisle at Tarjay -- I figured out a way to reconcile those two scenes I wrote a while back. I wrote them, loved them both IMMENSELY, and then realized they wouldn't work together. But NOW they will. (eee) I'm super relieved and so happy I can include both.

Another realization I've had is that this book is going to be quite a bit longer than my original MS. How long? Hmmm, not sure. I'm usually pretty good at estimating these things, but I hesitate to say out loud that I think it will land somewhere between 115-120K. I. Hope. (oops) I could be way off, but man... that's a scary number to look at. Not that I'm afraid to write that much, just that it will take me longer than I anticipated. people keep telling me, it's important to get my first book right. So if it takes that many words to finish, that's what I'll have to write. Personally, I prefer 100K. :)

In other news, I finally decided to start SPECIALS. I wasn't feeling well earlier so decided I would read until my meds kicked in. I got started and next thing I knew, I had used up my pages!!! Waaaaaa. Now I HAVE to write in order to find out what happens next. And hey, I was a GOOD girl -- I stopped when I hit the magic number (well, I went to the end of that chapter). TOUGH. Don't believe me? Try it some time. LOL. This book is SOOOOO good so far. Can't wait to get back, which means I better get to work. (g)

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