Friday, December 28, 2007

Change In Plans!!

The ultimate bit of distraction landed on my doorstep today. Libba Bray's THE SWEET FAR THING (which reminds me that I still need to review REBEL ANGELS). So, because the wait for this book has been longer and much more excruciating, I'm hereby reserving the right to switch my page credits to it instead. I haven't decided which book (TSFT or SPECIALS) will call my name when I actually sit down to read...but it's going to be a serious smackdown. (g)

Anyway, I haven't even started writing tonight. Don't ask. I got distracted talking to some forumites and the night really got away from me. I'm still hoping to bring those 2500 words home, though... *deep breath* Another long night is ahead of me, fo sho.

Oh...and get this... TSFT is over _800_ pages. I'll have to complete FI to have enough creds to read the whole thing. LOL. I may have to up my page allowance...maybe 100 instead. (g) That still equals over 20K. Okay, that won't complete the book...but it will be a huge step. Ack...must get to writing. Must see what Gemma or Tally is up to!!


Julie Elizabeth said...

You know, it's because of you that I picked up UGLIES today? And that I'm already about 150 pages into it?

I wish I had as much restraint as you! *g*

Jen said...


Oh yay!! *claps* I really hope you enjoy it... and seriously, get the second before you finish. LOL. I tried reading some of SPECIALS last night...erm, I mean this morning and just couldn't muster the energy. Maybe tonight. :)

Julie Elizabeth said...


So. I got uglies yesterday. I finished it at about 11 this morning. I couldn't resist getting Pretties, and I'm already over 100 pages into it!

I'm such a book addict.

Jen said...


Go Go Go Go!! (g)

I read chapter 1 of SPECIALS this afternoon, but was so tired, I had to nap. Anyway, WHOA. I must read on...but can't yet. EEE. Off to spend some time with friends. Hope you like PRETTIES! (g)