Friday, December 28, 2007

Did It!

Well, it's extremely late...I'm swaying in my chair, but dang it... I made my 2500 words. Got 2502, actually. (Big Cheesy Grin)

However, I will say that I deleted quite a few words throughout, so I definitely got more than that. But it's the running word count that I'm keeping track of. WHEW.. What a relief. Funny thing is that I probably couldn't hold up a book if I had the energy to read right now. Oh well, I guess that gives me that 78 page credit to build on. Tomorrow I'll find a new goal to shoot for. Same word count, of course. (g) Perhaps I'll ease into my day with a little reading -- you know, when I roll out of bed at noon. LOL.

The great thing is that I'm making extremely good progess on the BIG scene at the end. And I'm actually quite pleased with what I'm coming up with. Not only am I building on the original ideas I envisioned for this ending, but the process of writing is helping to spark new thoughts about other sections of the book. Stuff that is expanding upon my outline and making it stronger. I guess that says something about the kind of writer I am. LOL. That damn outline took me HOW long to nail down? Okay, two revisions...probably about 3-4 weeks spent working on it each time... add a few weeks to hear back from D.A. and I'd say it was close to three months when all was said and done. And not until today do I feel I can actually complete this book. Well, I always _thought_ I could...just never FELT I could when working on it with said outline and in that nasty chronological order. *shivers*

Anyway -- thanks to both Claire and Jenna for listening to me ramble and "testing" various snips out. LOL. You know I'm feeling better about things when I start sharing. (g) Calling it a night...catch ya on the morrow.

P.S. Wish I could post a Line of the Day, but major spoilers involved in this section. Maybe tomorrow. :)


Rose said...

Way to go, Jen!

Jen said...


Thanks!! :) How are things going for you?