Monday, March 19, 2007

Car Crash in Progress

I haven't done much writing since Saturday. I think I got a bit caught up with school starting back up -- not doing homework, mind you. Just fretting about it. (g) I really enjoyed this last week -- I have such a passion for writing, and to have a little taste of what it would be like to devote all my time to it was just good/horrible. Good because I LOVED it... Horrible because it reminds me how much I really despise school. (G)

Anyway, I've joined that kidcrit forum I mentioned. It's always hard being new on one of those things -- I felt the need to crit like mad, just so people know I Mean Business. So, my own writing has suffered a bit. Oh well, back on track on Wednesday. Getting over the hurdle of Mon/Tues is always a challenge -- clear sailing after I clear hump day, though. Can't wait. I _will_ finish BTPM this weekend...100% guarantee it. I was flipping through TV this afternoon (setting my naptime ambiance (g)) when I ran across that wonderful scene from ROMANCING THE STONE -- you know the one...the Joan Wilder moment. (g) It got me _totally_ geared up for finishing BTPM. I can't wait. Wonder if I'll throw a Joan Wilder with this book...

Oh -- and I posted a chapter at the forum.. SCARY sending my baby off to school. (g) I've only received one crit so far (new kid on the block thing again), but the one I got was very positive. So, HAPPY DANCE. I'm sure more will come soon -- just gotta get my name out there. I'm itching to post another chapter...but I think it might be a little too soon. (g) They have no idea what they've gotten with me. LOL. When I posted FAKING IT, I blitzed the boards with 5-7 chapters at a time. (g) Gotta remind myself that others don't work at my pace.

Oh well..

One last bit -- I wanna ask everyone to pray for my Grandmother. She had two mini-strokes today. Last February, she had a pretty major one that sent her into rehab for a couple of months. She hasn't been the same since, and well, it's just really scary to have her experiencing these things when she seemed to be really on the mend. So, lights...whatever...please. For Ruby Luebe. Love ya, Grandma.


Rose said...

Hey Jen,

Sorry about your grandmother! Good wishes on the way.

We're all pretty laid back in kidcrit and work at our own pace, so don't worry that you've only received one crit. Lots of us have busy schedules and crit when we can. So, no worries, okay? {g}


Jen said...

Thanks, Rose..

Yep -- no worries. (g) I idle at 100MPH...I just get a bit ansy. (g)

And thanks for your well wishes -- she's a tough lady, so I'm hopeful she'll pull through.