Sunday, March 18, 2007


I'm probably within a few days of finishing BTPM. I'm so excited by the amount of progress I've made over this past week. Total written is over 25K at this point -- how cool is that?

One thing about this book is that I've pretty much known how I _thought_ it would end for quite a while now -- barring a few variations on the same idea. (g) Anyway, even knowing the end result I wanted, I had no idea how I would get there. I've never had such a blank ending. LOL. Usually when I start out, that's just about the only thing I really know about a book. I mean, heavens, I've known my ending for COTM for a LONG time -- way before I knew what the guts of the book would be.

Tonight I _finally_ broke through that barrier and can now see what will happen pretty clearly. I wrote a good chunk of the big finale, and will try to finish it up tomorrow. YAY on finally getting it going. I was really starting to worry. LOL. And it's a perfect set up for the sequel. I'm so eager to begin that book (though school may disagree about where I've prioritized it (g)).

Anyway -- thought I'd share my late night good news.


Rose said...

Hi Jen!

Congrats on all your hard work. See you in kidcrit! {g}


Jen said...

Thanks, Rose! (g)