Thursday, March 22, 2007

BTPM Passes

Well, I've officially received 5 or so crits on the first chapter of By The Pale Moonlight. So far, the response has been very good. I think the main crit I've received is that there are too many character names given in the first chapter. I'm on the fence on whether or not I agree--I think 2 of the 5 mentioned this concern. So, we'll see. I could conceivably cut out one...maybe two, but most are important for later in the book. But, I guess I'll wait until I finish posting the whole thing to make a final decision. I think I introduced 6-7 characters. For a scene that's taking place at a football game, I didn't think that was too many. LOL.

Anyway, I'm encouraged by these first positive crits -- chapter 2 is probably one of the roughest of the book. So, if that passes muster, hopefully it will be smooth sailing through the rest of it. One great thing is that after one woman read the first chapter, she PM'd me her email address so I can send the whole thing to her. LOL. That's very flattering and had the book been finished, I would've been more than willing. This weekend perhaps.

One of my friends reminded me that soon I'll have to write a query and synopsis for this book. Can I just say, UGH? (g) Don't get me wrong -- I _cannot_ wait to start the query process with this book. I think it has a great shot at being picked up. I just _really_ hate writing these things. (g) Especially the one page synopsis -- goodness, those are hard. (G) Oh well -- I'll think of them in a positive light. If I need to write one, then that means I'm able to send the book out. YES. Can't wait for that. I know I have a long time to go before I reach that point, but I'm feeling good about the prospect.

I haven't achieved much writing -- but I do have the first three chapters ready for posting -- and will probably get the next 3 (at least) tomorrow. I think I'm just going to slowly make my way through the book and fill in any holes I come across as I go. The final scene is sort of marinating right now -- but soon I'll finish that up, too.

Anyway -- a busy week with all of the additional crits I've been doing, but hopefully it will all be worth it. I've enjoyed a lot of the stories in kidcrit -- it's fun to focus on children's books, to see the creativity of some of the writers involved. Nice, happy writing. (g) Of course, I have to go and get all dark on them. LOL. But, I'm really enjoying it -- it's almost hard to stop critting the chaps posted. (g)

Okay--I'm off to read. Did I mention I picked up the sequel to TWILIGHT the other day? Yeah, I'm a sucker. I even splurged on the hard cover. LOL. Oh well -- I'm all about supporting fellow authors. :)

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