Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Trying to Get Back in the Saddle

With the relief of finally getting the full into the mail, I think my brain went bye-bye. At least my motivation did. It's been a long week with very little writing accomplished. I suppose it's all a matter of my needing a break after such stress-packed weeks of revisions, school, etc. But good grief!

I'm determined to get moving again. Goodness, I now have four wip's. I used to always get a giggle out of people who had so many projects going at once -- now I'm finding myself in the same situation. Go figure on that one. Now it's a matter of trying to decide which to work on...while I suppress other ideas attempting to bubble up. I simply can't handle all of these projects at once. From now on -- any new inspirations go in my journal until I've finished _at least_ two of my current projects. Of course, if I finish Narc 2, I'll only want to move on to the third. I've been struggling to not work on that one as is -- with a firm admonishment from my mother, who said I can't work on 3 until I finish 2. Heh.

Anyway -- just wanted to give a little update on how I'm doing (or rather what I'm NOT doing -- i.e. writing. LOL. I'm getting caught up on some reading/movies/TV, though. HEH.) I'm in the middle of THE HISTORIAN -- really enjoying it. I'll give a mini-review when I finish it.

P.S. Oh...check out my novel window for my latest addition. (g) It's a working title for now. And scroll down on the right to read the opening lines... first yanno, it's tender. (g)


Cindy said...

I think Susan had the same little slump happen after she sent out TMT. Someone recommended she take a week or two, just detox, before forcing herself back in. Hey, you deserve a break, and a chance to sort of cleanse your mental pallette before bellying up to that computer desk again.

Jen said...

Oh yes -- I think I finally figured out it was okay to relax a little. Of course, I knew I had to start working again. I was in a really terrible mood when I wasn't writing. LOL. Weird. Anyway, I've finally eased back in, and actually started a new wip that I never saw coming. Well, I saw it, but ignored it for a long time because "I don't write fantasy." LOL. I hope that doesn't sound like I'm snubbing the genre, it's just that I never really read it, so writing it seemed a bit too out there. However, I seem to be doing okay so far and it's FUN. Heh. Never say never!