Monday, February 26, 2007


No massive amounts of new writing to report, but I did manage to get a batch of queries sent out today. I'm very glad to be finished with them -- they really are quite draining. I sometimes wonder if agents realize how much we sweat these things. LOL.

Some good news -- I received a partial request already today. YAY. I'm very excited, so here's hoping he asks for the full thing. That would be lovely. At any rate, I'm happy to be actively pursuing an agent again. It seemed like I was really slacking there for quite a while.

With this batch out, I can now concentrate on writing without the constant feeling that I should be doing more nagging at me. A good day.


Beth said...


Congrats on the partial request! Was this for NARC? (What title did you settle on, anyway?)

Did you ever hear from Rachel Vater?

I dropped by her blog yesterday and remembered that you had submitted something to her.

Jen said...


I settled on "Faking It" for now. And yup, that's what the request was for.

And no, never heard from Rachel Vater -- decided to send my hook to her. If she has my letter set aside, maybe she'll ask for a partial now -- or if she doesn't have it, maybe this will snare her interest. I sent her an anonymous note at the beginning of Feb. and she said it was possible she still had my query -- that she would announce when she finished with her set aside pile. As you probably saw on her blog, she still has some. *big sigh* LOL. My worst fear is that mine was lost or something -- and that I've been waiting all this time for nothing. (Not that I had anything better to do, but you know what I mean. (g))

We shall see what happens. :) How are you doing?

Beth said...


Well, she's posted your query and she likes it! Hopefully she'll request some pages.

Me--I've been frantically busy with family/real-life stuff. I've been trying to settle into a writing routine that works, but it's been nearly impossible lately. Soon, I hope...