Thursday, February 15, 2007

So Much For My Resolve

I chucked out all the things I said to myself earlier, and worked on this new idea. I managed 3K today. Goodness. Let me just say for the record, I've never read fantasy. I know nothing about fantasy. I know even less about writing fantasy. Yet, I'm doing it. Yeah.

ALL of that aside, I find this wip very fascinating. I've never had to build a world before -- not in the literal sense, anyway. It's a strange and rather exciting thing to do. After all, I'm in control and there are no rules. Why the heck didn't I try this genre sooner? (g) I can't say _exactly_ what this world is, but it seems to have a Celtic origin. I suppose it's my work on COTM bleeding over into it, and that's okay. The world itself is fairly primitive, with some leeway with the language. I'm trying not to go too over the top with specified lingo, just so readers won't have a hard time following along...and to, you know...keep from bumbling it in my own head.

The MC, Maelyn (Yup, you know I had to stay true to my M pattern) is a lot different from any of my other MC's... she's a bit docile..LOL. I bet you never expected that out of me. She does have a bit of a rebellious streak in her, but for once, she's not a modern character. So, I find she's coming across a lot more....grounded and less likely to (a) have internal rants (b) talk to the reader (c) tell the men in her life to step off, or any of the other weird things my MC's have been known to do. She's not really funny either -- at least not yet. She definitely has a lot of heavy issues to deal with and there are seriously a lot of trials in her future.

My male MC, Keir (I think that's his name), hasn't shown up yet -- well, not in full. So, I don't know a lot about him yet... but I'm looking forward to the moment the two of them "meet" meet. You'll see what I mean someday. The plot line is a tad confusing, and I hope it's something I can pull off well. We will see. It's from a dream, so it may be a bit "out there." (g) As with Shadow Walker, it may be something that's been done a million times -- I don't know for sure because I don't read the genre. Yes, I truly write what I hear -- whether I have the available tools and/or knowledge to do it. As one of my friends put it, sometimes it's probably easier to go forward without knowing the rules. I feel like I did when I wrote Narc 1...the unflagging freedom of going forward completely clueless. I really hope that feeling sticks.

I don't have a name for this book yet -- I'll be thinking on it, hardcore. I still have to come up with the name of the different groups of people...where they live, etc. I found a lot of great names for the characters by using a Celtic I'm sure the names of all these other things will find their origin somewhere in there.

I really feel good about this wip. Heavens -- which to work on first.


Carol said...

Hi Jen,
One thing with you having so many different styles and genres in the works, you should never suffer from writer's block. You have something to work on for every mood on any given day. This new wip sounds like it will be a good ms and a good way to stretch your creativity muscles. I look forward to following the adventures of Maelyn and Keir.

Jen said...

Thanks, Carol. :) It's definitely a HUGE change of direction for me. I can't wait to see where it takes me. Weird. (g)