Thursday, February 22, 2007

First Official Book Review

I keep meaning to post my thoughts/comments about the various books I've read, but it seems like I can never complete one. Well, my day has finally come. I went to B&N yesterday looking for THE BRONZE HORSEMAN, but they didn't have it in stock. Anyway, who the heck can leave B&N empty handed? (Okay, so I've done it before -- but my world is never right afterward.) I snooped around and finally purchased LORD JOHN AND THE PRIVATE MATTER by Diana Gabaldon and PLUM LOVIN' by Janet Evanovich.

Any guesses as to which one I guzzled in less than two hours (and that's with several emails written)? Yup -- PLUM LOVIN'. It's _164_ pages, and trust me, that ain't small type they put it in. Price? $16.95 with a 30% discount. They should be ashamed of themselves (and that goes for me for purchasing the dang thing). LOL.

Okay, so my thoughts...

I'm a huge fan of the Stephanie Plum series -- HUGE. I love the humor, the snappy dialogue....the hot men. (g) I told myself I would wait for this particular book until it came out in paperback, but see above. I had to buy _something_ and it yelled at me as I walked by. Honest. Apparently, there's another book before this, because I don't ever recall the character Diesel being introduced in the Plum series. No idea what it might be, but it seems to have centered around a disastrous Plum Christmas. (g) Gotta love the idea of Grandma Mazur setting the Christmas tree on fire or something.

Brief synopsis: Stephanie agrees to play matchmaker for a "relationship expert" (according to Lula, that sounds like being a 'ho) in order to get the said matchmaker to turn herself in so Steph can collect her bond. I bet right about now you're thinking...Steph Plum -- a relationship expert?? Yeah, same thought here so I figured it would be chock full o' good times.

Anyway, I was a tad disappointed that Morelli and Ranger only made brief appearances...and I mean _brief_... and that this Diesel fella is somewhat vying for dear Stephanie's affections. NO NO NO. And just what the heck is Diesel anyway? Seems like he's supposed to be a superhero of sorts. Now, I never thought the Plum series was _grounded_ in reality, but just when did they shoot her off into space? (g)

Other than that, it was a fun, light read. Not alotta meat on the bones here, though. All my favorite characters made brief appearances, but was so quick that they really just zoomed by and it never had any of those _really_ great moments that you get in the regular series. To top it off, it seemed like she tried to tie up all the loose ends a little too neatly and crammed a good chunk of story into the last chapter or two. Way too rushed.

As for Diesel -- seems like a good solid, sexy character. For me, it seems like she combined the best of Ranger and Morelli into this guy. He's big like Morelli and hard as nails, with a quick wit. Definitely crunchable. (g) Some girls really do get all the guys (maybe a little too often).

Buy or rent? Rent.


Chris said...

I don't know the series but $16.95 for 164 pgs! Yikes! It better be darn good for that price.

Jen said...


Yeah -- my thoughts exactly. (g) I'm a tad disappointed in my final verdict, but no one can hit homeruns every time. I justified the purchase because I had a gift certificate and it _was_ 30% off... yeah, I'm a sucka. I know it. :)


Jen said...
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Beth said...


The first Diesel book was Visions of Sugar Plums, another featherweight volume that appeared at Christmas a couple years back. Diesel is OK, but I prefer Ranger and Morelli--somewhat in that order. [g]

Jen said...


Aha! Thanks... not too keen on Diesel either -- simply because my affections lay elsewhere. (g) Did you happen to read it?