Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Euphoria Of Being "Finished"

I printed up and packaged my full for shipment tomorrow. After having stared at this manuscript non-stop for the past two weeks or so, it is such a relief to feel I've actually gotten to the point where I'm satisfied with how these pages look. Granted, I know I'll probably do a 180 down the road, but for now I can't find a single thing I'd like to change about my book. That doesn't mean this potential agent will love it, or even if she does that I'll sign with her, but I'm very happy with what I've created. I actually pulled another "Joan Wilder" -- something I did when I finished the original draft. With the tears, came a huge sense of accomplishment. I did it. True, I did this months ago (with the same book), but I'm so happy with it's current version.

In total, I added three chapters, approximately 6500+ words -- probably more because I deleted quite a few random words/sentences here and there... So, YAY me. What's really wonderful -- I added some kick-butt funny scenes... man, I'm constantly amazed by the things I come up with. I often wonder if I push the envelope too much, but I hope that everything comes across with a good dose of humor. Lord knows, I LMAO...and these scenes are meant to be light-hearted. Granted, even I never saw some of these "ideas" working their way into the book. My mind -- it's scary in a completely delightful way. (g) At least I think so.

What's really exciting is that now I can focus on other wip's. My only problem is deciding which to work on.... Oh well, at least I've laid THIS one to bed (hopefully, it will stay there!).

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Carol said...

Absolutely, YAY YOU!!! You have worked very hard for this, and I'm so excited for you. WOO HOO, JEN!!!